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Where Every Day is an Adventure

Our preschool curriculum is based on the concept that children ages 2-6 are in a concrete learning phase. They learn best through hands-on learning. A play based curriculum takes children's natural interests and pursues and enhances these aspects to foster a life long love for learning. Children learn social skills, problem solving, following directions and life skills as well as math, science, social studies and literacy concepts for kindergarten readiness.

Examples of hands on learning:

Science and Math:

We have a farm with grapes, apple and citrus trees and occasionaly chickens where children can learn about the parts of a plant, what plants and animals need to survive, discus and measure weather indicators and learn how to care for plants and animals. Children also grow their own plants as a project during the school year.

Math and Physical Education:

Building towers teaches us fine motor skills, spatial dynamics, colors, shapes and sizes, counting, problem solving, engineering and architecture, communication asking for pieces, sharing materials with others, self expression and so much more!! Who knew he was learning all these concepts? He's just having fun!! 

Physical Education and Social Skills:

We have a special party days with different themes and even a bounce house. We get lots of physical exercise, group interactions, communication, learning to share, balance and coordination, cause and effect, and the joy of being a kid!!

Science and Reading:

We incubated chicken eggs which hatched a week before Easter. We learned about embryos, life cycle of chickens, and how to care for animals. A photo book has now been created so we can re-live the story ourselves based on a true life experience.

Social Studies:

We have social studies with guests like firefighters, a nurse educator, a water safety presentation, and a dentist. We have also had LAPD officers and the Bakersfield Condor mascot as special guests. We learn about jobs and services in our community and what it means to be a good citizen. We also learn about our state and the American flag.